Unifimoney x The Ocean Foundation: Save a Beach While You Spend and Save

The Problem

The Solution

  • Benefit to Local Farmers: The program saves money for the islands’ agriculture sector by creating a local, organic fertilizer and compost. As long as it is properly cleaned and dried, Sargassum contains many useful nutrients that promote healthy soil and help with weed control.
  • Relatively Low-Cost Solution: Collecting the Sargassum in the water lowers the impact on the beaches and cuts the environmental and economic impact of the cleanup. Once the algae reach the beach, cleanup is costly and creates massive erosion on the sand.
  • Addressing Climate Change: The program creates an effective means to sequester and store carbon. The eventual goal is to generate certified carbon credits using sargassum-based products through the application of Verified Carbon Standard’s methodology related to the adoption of sustainable agricultural land management.

Why Miches?

The Plan Going Forward

Photo by Solidarity Center/Ricardo Rojas
  • Harvest and Deliver the Sargassum Compost. Transport Sargassum compost from the partnership’s site in Punta Cana to establish the gardens and farms in Miches, Dominican Republic.
  • Execute Insetting. Estimated yields indicate twenty farmers will be able to provide organic food for their families after the first phase, with an average family household of four members each, benefiting approximately 80 people. As it is customary to share the harvest with other families, neighbors will also indirectly benefit. The surplus of fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits will be sold locally.
  • Track Carbon Intake of the Soil. Results will be tracked using a defined group of indicators that will be measured pre-, during- and post-harvest, such as soil composition and quality, crop quality, carbon intake, plant vigor, presence of pests, etc. Comparing such measurements to a control or baseline group will allow the partnership to determine the extent of the impact the compost is having on the gardens.
  • Track the Socioeconomic Impact. They will conduct an initial baseline assessment of the socio-economic profiles of the beneficiaries, in order to be able to track their progress against such indicators. These results will be affected also by the capacity-building efforts undertaken by the initiative.
  • Create Photographic Evidence. Photographic records of all activities and the progress of the gardens will be used as supporting evidence.
  • Report Findings to Scale the Sargassum Solution. Develop a post-project report and disseminate results, which will be made available and shared with the broader community.



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